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3D Models

for the movie industry, games and museums

We offer

3D modeling of any location, object or decoration

You get detailed photorealistic 3D models of any object. From a small artifact to entire city block. We can create a model of the entire building with all exterior and interior. 

Quick work, high quality

Our vast experience and expert skills in shooting for 3D, along with the industrial computing cluster for data processing allow us to do the job quickly without compromising the quality.

High accuracy

We use survey equipment if necessary. Model accuracy of several millimeters can be achieved.

Our advantages

Vast experience

For over 5 years we have been creating 3D models for cinema, games and entertainment. During this time, we have accumulated unique experience in capturing images and processing data, producing 3D models of various locations for cinema, scenery, buildings, interiors and museums.

Our models were used in movies "Union of Salvation" and "Abigail", in the "Godunov" series, as well as in others that are currently in production.

3D products from Aerostream were used by the following museums and companies: Tsarskoye Selo State Museum, Vyborg Castle Museum, Center for Underwater Research of the Russian Geographical Society

We have processed over a million images and hundreds of laser scanning clouds, creating models of all scales, from a tiny historical artefact, to an entire city block. 



new generation photogrammetry

we use the cutting edge photogrammetry technology for image capturing and data processing 

technology fusion

we work at the intersection of photogrammetry, laser scanning and high-precision geodetic surveying. For complex projects, we use fixed wing and multi-rotor drones, laser scanning, 42 megapixel cameras and satellite surveying equipment.


we can make a model of any size. from a butterfly to a whole city. We got all the necessary equipment ready, including fleet of UAVs, survey equipment and aerial laser scanner.

model simplification and retopology

we can simplify and decimate the models, adapting it for your task. We can also provide retopology if necessary.

format of your choice

we can deliver final products in any existing format

3D model examples

3DRealityPublisher Desktop app by Aerostream for publishing 3D models of any size online

1. A model of a factory, 10 million polygons (model size 1 GB)
2. A model of a troll statue (1 million polygons)


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