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Aerostream works at the intersection of surveying, photogrammetry, airborne and ground-based LiDAR scanning, 3D modeling, photo and video filming using the best unmanned aerial vehicles from the world's leading manufacturers. We do not just shoot photos or videos from the air, we create geodetically accurate three-dimensional metric models of buildings and structures, territories, quarries, facades, monuments, we develop shooting technologies and web services for monitoring objects, software for publishing 3D models on the WEB and much more . We rely on the latest achievements in the field of photogrammetry, satellite geodesy, computer vision and 3D modeling. Our goal is to introduce completely new methods for data acquisition and capturing the state and precise metric properties of any object. Our technologies are used for engineering, surveying, cadastre, remote inspection of buildings and structures, determining the exact boundaries and location of objects, fixing the state of architectural monuments, and periodic monitoring of construction. 
The core of our team are professional surveyors, photogrammetrists, industrial engineers, UAV designers and developers of 3D scanning and visualization technologies. We have been developing and implementing technologies for obtaining and creating three-dimensional digital copies of the real-world objects since 2013. Since 2018, we have been offering both practical training and theoretical courses in photogrammetry and geodesy, as well as providing the integration of our technologies into the workflow of our customers.
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