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Facade and architectural survey

Orthophotos of facades and roofs with centimeter-grade accuracy for blueprints production and defects detection.

Our advantages

  • field work done  5 times*   quicker
  • high-resolution, high-accuracy data
  • cheaper by 40%*
  • inspection of hard-to-reach or dangerous places
  • minimization of the human factor

*compared to traditional survey methods


Data products

Based on the photogrammetrical 3D model reconstruction, LiDAR scanning and precise geodetic measurements

step 1 —3D model

step 2 — orthomosaic and point cloud

step 3 — dimensional drawings



High-precision architectural measurements of facades, roofs and interiors with subsequent processing and designing a set of measurement drawings.

Among our regular customers are large industrial design and restoration companies that develop documentation for the restoration of architectural monuments. We can do a full cycle architectural measurements or just the necessary steps. If you have an architect in you staff, we can prepare the orthomosaics and point clouds in AutoCAD as a basis for the development of dimensional drawings .

Architectural measurements

Comprehensive architectural measurements of facades and interiors with the development of measurement drawings

Restoration works support

We can also provide a complete list of defects and their positions on the orthomosaic. Here is an example of the development of measurements and damage map of brickwork during the restoration process.

Complete roof renovation project

Comprehensive architectural measurements of facades and interiors with the development of measurement drawings

Construction. Monitoring of the technical condition of facades

Our company boasts a wealth of experience in working with various organizations that specialize in design and survey activities. As part of this collaboration, we conduct facade inspections to accurately document the technical condition at various stages of construction and installation work.

Construction. Measurements facade passports development

The use of the latest developments in photogrammetry and geodesy allows us to quickly perform simplified yet accurate measurements of facades for the development of facade passports



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