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Airborne LiDAR scanning +7 727 350 61 71

Get a detailed DEM and DTM of any site in the local coordinate system for just 850 USD per hectare!

LiDAR scanning at Aerostream

What do you get?

Surveying in a forested and / or complicated terrain? Can't fit into budget using classical survey methods, and photogrammetry does not provide the data about underlying terrain? Order our aerial LiDAR scanning. The next day after the survey you will get a classified point cloud including the "ground" class, DEM, and contour lines in local coordinate system. Our performance is from 3 square km per day or 30 km per day for linear objects. You can finally get a true DEM, not a DTM!  

Since 2020, we have completed more than a 100 projects, scanning linear objects up to 150 kilometers

We use reliable equipment

 200 meter range UAV laser scanner from AGM Systems, scanning module Velodyne, DJI L1, and Livox scanning sensor

Failure free carrier

The scanner is mounted on DJI Matrice 300 RTK

High accuracy measurements of point coordinates

Horizontal and vertical measurement error of 5 cm or less

Professional software

Novatel Inertial Explorer for calculating trajectories in post-processing, AGM Scan Works for scanned points output, Terra Solid and Credo 3D scan for classification of laser point data, AGM Transformer / TerraScan for transformation of laser point data into local coordinate system

Data from DJI L1 processed with DJI Terra right away in the field