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Reconstruction of detailed spatially accurate 3D terrain models, urban infrastructure and data visualization on the WEB. Implementation and integration to your business as a turnkey solution.

The stages of the technology implementation

01. Getting the necessary equipment

02. Installation of the software

03. Training and technical workflow implementation

04. Tech support

The cost of implementation may vary depending on the availability of the equipment, the amount of technical support, new tasks that may arise during the process, the need to spend more time to adapt the technology to local conditions.

Our workflow

01. Data collection

  1. Flight planning and ground-based preparation
  2. Aerial imagery acquisition and LiDAR scanning (optional)
  3. Precise georeferencing of the survey data

02. 3D modelling

  1. Import of the raw data
  2. Image alignment and scene configuration
  3. Model reconstruction and texturing
  4. Export of the model to the exchange formats
  5. Export of the point cloud and orthomosaic to AutoCAD

03. Visualization online

  1. Preparing models for publication
  2. Configuration of the model display, setting up hot-spots and preset camera views
  3. Uploading to a hosting, cloud storage or local computer
  4. Obtaining a link to view and explore the model in any browser

Equipment and software




data collection

  • professional camera with 20-35 mm lens
  • tripod and/or telescopic pole
  • quadcopter DJI
  • GNSS receiver
  • total station
  • survey grade DJI drone (optional)
  • ground-based LiDAR scanner (optional)
  • obtain high-resolution
  • taking pictures in low light conditions
  • aerial imagery collection
  • ground-based surveying
  • georeferencing of the model
  • additional data source to improve the model,
    model georeferencing

data processing

  • RealityCapture software
  • any software for survey data processing (optional)
  • photogrammetric data processing, reconstruction of detailed 3D models, orthomosaics, point clouds, DTM and DEM
  • GNSS data processing for obtaining more precise coordinates of image centers (optional)


  • 3DRealityPublisher software
  • preparing the models for publishing online
  • rendering engine for interactive visualization of models in any browser


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