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Agisoft Metashape

Professional photogrammetry available to anyone.

Unique photogrammetric software that allows you to get highly accurate results with minimal effort.

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Already got Metashape but not sure how to get the most out of it? Our training course will help!

The machine learning technologies

implemented in Metashape, provide the highest precision results.

Point clounds

Turn images into accurate georeferenced point clouds that match the quality of LiDAR scanning results.

mixed inputs

Surface models

Get detailed surface models in TIN or GRID format.

laser scanning

3D models

Export realistic 3D models textured based on original images. Such models are suitable for making movie and game content.

game assets


Create orthomosaics in the necessary coordinate system that meet the requirements of topographic plan accuracy up to a scale of 1:500.


Publish your models online

Take advantage of a free app 3D Reality Publisher from Aerostream and publish any model in Cesium 3D Tiles format online. You can publish models of unlimited size on any WEB hosting just in a few clicks.

We are ready to host your models on our server, or help you set up your own.

Features of Metashape

Photogrammetric triangulation

Digital camera image processing: handheld, aerial, satellite.

Dense point cloud

Editing and automatic points classification. Import and export support.

Reconstruction of a DEM/DTM

Digital elevation model (DEM) and/or digital terrain model (DTM), depending on the project.

Building an orthomosaic

Georeferenced orthomosaic: in GeoTIFF format for GIS compatibility and in KML format for working with Google Earth.

LiDAR scanning data support

Joint alignment of LiDAR scanning and imagery. Combination of a point cloud and a photogrammetrically calculated depth map.

Support of anchor points / scale bar

Import of control points for georeferencing and accuracy assessment. Automatic detection of coded and non-coded targets for quick control points entry.

Measurements: distances, areas, volumes

Built-in tools for measuring distances, areas and volumes. The variety of export formats allows a smooth transfer of Metashape products to external tools for more sophisticated metric analysis.

Stereoscopic measurements

Professional 3D monitors and 3D controllers support for accurate and convenient stereoscopic vectorization and measurements.

3D Model reconstruction and texturing

Various shooting scenarios are supported: archaeological sites modeling, 3D for museum exhibits, modeling of building interiors and exteriors, body modeling, etc.

Hierarchical tiled model generation

City scale modeling preserving the original image resolution for texturing.

4D modeling for dynamic scenes

Data processing from multicamera systems used in professional studios for the development of visual effects for films and computer games.

Panorama stitching

It is possible to build a panoramic image using a set of images from a stationary camera located at one point and create a 3D model using data from at least two camera stations.

Satellite imagery processing

The use of panchromatic and multispectral satellite images is possible provided that the RPC coefficients for each image are determined with sufficient accuracy.

Automatic powerlines detection

A solution for large scale projects requiring only pre-aligned images. The results are exported as 3D polylines for each wire.

Python and Java API

Python and Java scripting provide advanced automation capabilities and fine-tuning of the processing workflow.


Training and tech support

We are happy to share our experience working with Metashape. Even if you are new to photogrammetry and image processing, we will help you quickly get high-quality results and answer all your questions. Sign up for our training course or contact technical support!

Buy a license

The license for Agisoft Metashape is perpetual, by purchasing it you get full access to the software features. The license entitles you to receive technical support and updates.

Standalone license 1 650 000 ₸
Activation on a single computer
Transfer to another computer is possible
*цена указана при покупке от 4х штук
Floating license On request
Installation on any number of computers
Activation on multiple workstations
Manage license distribution across the network of computers
Educational License 423 000 ₸
Available exclusively to accredited educational institutions
Any commercial use is prohibited
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