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Next generation photogrammetric processing

Creating 3D models with RealityCapture is a simple and straightforward process. The intuitive interface and built-in documentation make it easy to achieve the desired results quickly.

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10 times faster than analogs

RealityCapture can be used for 3D modeling in multiple areas.

Aerial photography and mapping

Create accurate georeferenced orthomosaics, 3D models and terrain models faster than ever. Easily measure areas, volumes and distances.


Architecture and cultural heritage

Combine LiDAR scanning data and photogrammetric point clouds without the limit on the number of images or point clouds. Create detailed 3D models of single objects or recreate large scenes in their entirety.

laser scanning

Assets for games, movies and VR/AR

Achieve cinematic-quality models with ease. Export textured, rendering-ready 3D models for movie and game content design or use them as powerful artistic tools.

game assets

Full body scan and 3D printing

Create identical 3D doubles using a fixed camera setup. The finished model can be exported for editing or immediately printed on a 3D printer.

body scan


We provide powerful computers with RealityCapture for rent. Get as much power you need to process any amount of data. Cost of rent is similar to cost of PPI credits. You will be able to process tens of thousands of images and create 3D models of individual objects and entire cities.

Orthomosaics and 3D models from your drone with no size limits


Based on flight logs, ground points or EXIF GPS data.

Coordinate systems

Conversion if flight logs and ground control points are in different coordinate systems.

Map mode

To view georeferenced source data and results.

Target recognition

Automatic coded targets recognition

Control points

Automatic suggested placement


Of distances, volumes and areas


Reality Capture  can easily process millions of points and triangles. Thanks to this, you will be able to build incredibly detailed 3D models, orthomosaics and elevation maps.

Combine the data

Create 3D models using images from consumer cameras, LiDAR scanning data, drone imagery, or images from fixed camera systems at the same time.


camera drone

Get the most out of photogrammetry. No limit on the number of images.

laser scanner

Reality Capture provides a native LiDAR data scanning data support. They are used to align images and determine the scanner position.

mixed inputs

Combined image and LiDAR scanning data processing allows achieving the best geometric accuracy and preserving even the fines details.

Sample model created by our team in RealityCapture

Tech support and remote consulting

We have over 5 years of experience working with RealityCapture. Even if you are new to photogrammetry and image processing, we will help you get started quickly and answer all of your questions. Rent RC with technical support included.


Use the built-in tools for final product polishing

  • Delete: remove the unnecessary parts of the model
  • Simplify: reduce the number of polygons in the model as much as you need.
  • Retopology: improve the topology of the model before export.
  • Import: import an existing model into RealityCapture
  • Texturing: bake a texture, normal map, and displacement map.
  • Export: export the model in variety of formats: obj, fbx, ply, abc, etc.

Buy a license


For the projects of any size

Perpetual license
Works offline
Unlimited photos and LiDAR scans
Floating license
Command line support

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